Committees & Topics

Issues on the Agenda

1st Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee

  • Accelerating global nuclear disarmament
  • Reaching a long-term peaceful solution to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict
  • Preventing the recruitment of children into warfare and reintegrating child soldiers into society

2nd Committee: Economic and Financial Committee

  • Facilitating developing countries’ access to the global market
  • Addressing youth unemployment in LEDCs
  • Harnessing the potential of the private sector in promoting sustainable development

Environmental Commission

  • Reducing the impact of plastic debris in the world’s oceans
  • Overseeing the transition towards more sustainable energy sources
  • Harnessing the Green Economy to eradicate poverty (Sustainable Development Goal 1)

4th Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

  • Promoting socioeconomic inclusion of refugees during the integration process
  • Improving international coordination in humanitarian responses to natural disasters and other emergencies
  • Ensuring equal socioeconomic opportunities for persons with disabilities